LandSAR Training courses

Training is one of the most important things that supports what we do, it’s part of what makes us experts in our fields, and - put simply - it’s a necessity.  We use training to build knowledge, skills and application of techniques to ensure that we are ready to respond whenever, and where ever our services are needed.  Everywhere for every one.

For 2019, LandSAR members have two main providers of training.

LandSAR specific training

All LandSAR specific training is delivered by LandSAR for LandSAR. This includes Search Techniques, Suburban Search, River and Flood Safety, all of the Tracking courses, Outdoor Risk Management, Stretcher and Rope Management and many more. These events can be viewed on the calendar and enrolments can occur by clicking here.

SAR Sector multi-agency training

Multi-agency training is coordinated by NZSAR and delivered by TPP.  For 2019/202 this includes MTIR, ESP, CIMS, Investigative Interviewing, Air Observers and SAR Team Leadership.

These courses can be viewed on the TPP website by clicking on the links to the right.

Enrolments are made direct with TPP by clicking the TPP Enrolment button.

Coming soon....

Course descriptors for all of the various training.


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