Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS)

The Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS) provides the model or structure for the command, control and coordination of an emergency response. All New Zealand emergency response agencies are mandated to use CIMS as the incident management framework.

The 'Applied CIMS' (CIMS4) course is recommended for all personnel involved in any aspect of incident management and is designed to equip personnel with the knowledge and skills required to apply the principles of CIMS to a range of emergency response scenarios.

LandSAR Training can deliver CIMS training in several styles:
  • CIMS 3 (NZQA Unit Std 32158) as a stand-alone course;
  • CIMS 4 (NZQA Unit Stds 29553 & 29554)
  • CIMS 3 & 4 combined (NZQA Unit Stds 32158, 29553 & 29554) into one course.

The CIMS v3 reference is available as a free download in PDF.

Course costs are dependent upon:
  • the number of expected participants
  • the logistical cost of getting us to and from your place
  • the amount of customisation required to meet any specific outcomes you may have
Based on your instructions and requirements, we will develop a specific quote to meet your needs. 
If joining an existing course:
  • $350 (+GST) pp for Emergency Services personnel
  • $450 (+GST) pp for all others (elsewhere up to $700.00 pp).

Looking for the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) review documents? Click here.

CIMS v3 Role Cards - click to view

Incident Level Role Cards

CIMS for Governance

Every response has executive oversight, known as Governance. It may be carried out by chief executives, senior agency managers or by political leaders. Governance has ultimate responsibility for the response, but delegates authority and operational control to a Controller.

Our 'CIMS for Governance' one-day training event looks at an overview of CIMS with a specific focus on the core elements essential to a Governance Group

  • How does this apply to me?
  • What does a well managed response look and feel like?
  • What documentation should I be seeing or asking for from the Controller?
  • How do I/we as a Governance team best support the response effort?

This event is non-unit standards based and co-delivered by CIMS practitioners and corporate managers who have led through major response efforts, our focus is on building knowledge and ensuring your organisation is well placed to face future events.

Student / Organisation Feedback - post event

"Thanks to Ross, Tony and crew for organising another successful CIMS 4 course and for providing a refresher to a couple of our Managers. Kudos must go to providing some good classwork and fostering the learning environment, all course participants made comment on the high level of instruction and presentation skill" DHB Manager, Emergency Response

I just wanted to touch base and say thank you! I have been tasked in the EOC with the Welfare team for the Covid response and because of the CIMS course I have felt really prepared for everything that has come up. I recognised in the course that Welfare was an area I was interested in so I’m so glad I’ve had an opportunity to apply what you taught. Thanks again for teaching with such passion and enthusiasm!  CDEM Volunteer

"Thanks for that, I must say it was one of the most enjoyable courses that I have been on, and believe you me, I've been on a few. Your presentation, delivery and knowledge, this also includes Ross, is what made the learning even better. I had a operation the other day, not a SAR one, but the learnings I received were adopted to full effect which had a very good outcome. Once again thanks" Acting Senior Sergeant, Area Response Manager, NZ Police

"Many thanks for the great course, customisation and context. Loved the practical hands-on approach and the moving about"  International Airport Senior Manager

"Clear concise advice and instructions given.  Manaakitanga observed"  DHB Māori Heath Coordinator

"It was a very enjoyable course with a real practical application exercises"  AVSEC Operations Manager

"Thought this was going to be a drag and a waste of my time but you made it interesting with great teaching and showed me a high degree of relevance. Well done. Exceeded my expectations by a long way" Opencast Mine Manager


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