Backcountry Skills

LandSAR are passionate about getting people outdoors safely.  Its what we do.  We are specialists in developing and delivering customised training solutions to meet your organisation or individual needs. Our training is highly practical, delivered in your context and participant outcome focused. LandSAR has a registered PTE with a wide scope of approval on the NZQA framework and are a Category 1 NZQA provider - providing the highest levels of quality assurance.

Whilst primarily designed for Search and Rescue, our training is suitable to a wide range of outdoor users. If it keeps our people safe, it will keep you safe.  We can develop a customised course, modify any of our current courses or you can select from some of the options below. The key point is that it is your training, delivered to meet your needs at a time and place that suits you.

What the heck do we do now...

You are in charge of a group in the outdoors. The weather is turning rough. Shelter is an hour away. Twilight is rapidly approaching. You regroup and discover one person is missing. Nobody has seen them for more than thirty minutes… The same thought flashes through everyone's mind: "What the heck do we do now?"

This course is designed to provide outdoor leaders, educators and guides with practical strategies and skills to effectively deal with this type of incident and many more. We will add a range of practical options to your existing skill base to keep you, and your group, from having to ask: "What the heck do we do now?" The result will be more confident leaders with a wide range of skills to prevent, prepare and deal with incidents and emergencies in the outdoors.

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Bushcraft / Survival

Back country skills are on the general decline. The amount of time that people spend in the wilderness is ever decreasing. Coupled with the decreasing tramping/hiking club numbers, the widespread ban on fires and great improvements in technology, stoves and equipment this is not surprising, but how would you cope if separated from your equipment?
What about camping considerations, clothing and equipment selection, river crossing, basic navigation? These are all subjects we can work with you to up-skill your knowledge and abilities to ensure you are more confident and capable of operating in the outdoors.
LandSAR offer a wide range of bushcraft courses, from basics to advanced. Our training is holistic and focused on real-world practical skills which make a difference. We are confident that we can design and deliver training that delivers high performance, focused training to best meet your needs in a location and time that suits you. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

River Crossing

Crossing rivers is one of the leading causes of accidents, injuries and deaths in the New Zealand outdoors. Understanding river dynamics and flows, coupled with sound decision making and proper technique can dramatically reduce the likelihood of a mishap. LandSAR can offer this training incorporated into any of our back country courses or as a full stand-alone course.

Delivery and assessment of the following NZQA Unit Standards can be incorporated into the training:
Need something more to meet your organisation or health and safety requirements? Check out our Water Safety/Water Rescue courses or talk to us about how we can best meet your needs.
**contains additional NZQA entry criteria

Navigation - Map, Compass & GPS

In SAR we are usually responding to someone else's emergency, often deployed in difficult weather and under a sense of urgency. For many operations, information as to the exact location of the lost, missing or injured is inaccurate or not known. Solid map, compass and GPS skills are essential for being able to navigate accurately and timely both on and off track. First time, every time.

Such skills are not just required for SAR practitioners. All outdoor users should at least have a moderate level of navigation skill to ensure they return home on time, every time. LandSAR offer a wide range of navigation courses, from basic to advanced. Our training is holistic and focused on real world practical skills which make a difference. Our tutors are approved and current national assessors in bushcraft and navigation, are regular backcountry users and current SAR members who understand the requirements of the modern SAR practitioner and general outdoor user.

We are confident that we can design and deliver training that delivers high performance, focused training to best meet your needs in a location and time that suits you. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.
The file below contains printing instructions to create a 1:50,000 Roamer for your own use. FREE to all school, community and not-for-profit organisations.

GPS Training and Support

At LandSAR, we believe in doing all we can to support your ongoing needs. To assist you in developing your GPS skills we have uploaded a couple of our introductory GPS training PowerPoint presentations into Prezi and made them freely available for all not-for-profit organisations. Click on the links below to view.
The two pocket references below are small aide memoirs for use with Garmin 60 or 62/64 series handheld GPS units in New Zealand. For field use, we recommend printing, folding in half and laminating, ensuring you have a decent edge to maintain waterproofness. A standard hole-punch through the laminate sheet (but not the paper) will allow you to attach it to your GPS unit. Note: for the Garmin 64 use the Garmin 62 pocket guide below.

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